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- Lover of (good) Harry Potter fanfiction. -

Quick version:
Harry Potter fanfic rec blog: mostly Harry/Draco, with lots of the Next Gen/Cross Gen (with N.G. characters) pairings. Also quotes and my musings related to fanfic and HP. I'll have a masterlist up soon that will be updated as I go.

Longer version:

Hey! This is my new, fledgling little fic rec journal. Largely Harry/Draco fics, as they are my forever-loves. They're what I started with, how I got into fanfiction, and what I still enjoy best. They make me feel all happy-fluffy-fuzzy inside--unless there's angst, of course. Then I'm just a mess. The Harry/Draco ship and all the amazing writers who write for it are why I started this project. It has been this huge positive force in my life, and I'd like to contribute to that, too (and I can't write fiction; great with essays, poetry's passable, my fiction is... bad). I've read a great deal of fic and hopefully that can help other readers find the stories they're looking for.

I've also been reading a lot of Next Gen/Cross Gen lately, so expect a fair amount of Next Gen pairings, including their Cross Gen ones. I adore Draco/Albus; I don't know why, but I'm totally in true [fanfic] [second-place] love with the pairing. I just love reading the Next Gen characters in general. Pick out 'most any two (sometimes three) of 'em and I'm pretty happy. (I don't do Weasley/Potters with each other, though. Just not my thing.)

This will be primarily Harry/Draco and Next Gen fanfic recs here. I'll also have some quotes from various HP fics I've read, as well as my thoughts and musings related to fanfiction and Harry Potter. 'Cause fanfiction and HP are my true OTP** :)

**no, it's probably still Drarry

Fic rec requests and "help! I can't find that Drarry fic" questions are always welcome.
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